Soft Top Reproofing

Duration: 120Mins -150Mins





Has your soft top accumulated mould and lost its color? This service will restore the fabric to its original condition.

Exterior Wash

A thorough exterior wash to remove all that loose and stubborn dirt including the bodywork, wheel, and roof. All our Valeters carry all the equipment needed so you don’t need to worry about providing water or electricity!

Mould & Mildew removal

Softly massaging the fabric with specialist brushes and detergents. Your valeter will gently lift and remove and contaminants.


Thoroughly rinsing the fabric will expel all the dirt and leave the hood contaminant free.

Reproofing & Sealant

Using Autoglym soft to fabric sealant, your valeter will make sure every inch of your soft top is completely reproofed and ready for any weather. This fabric sealant ensures that the water absorption is kept to a minimum by creating a hydrophobic layer