How do I book?

You can enquire or book by emailing [email protected] or via text and call on 07508606605.

How much will it cost?

Prices are found on the Services and Prices page.

What are your hours of operation?

The booking can be made at anytime, You can book in advance from Monday to Sunday from 7am to 7pm (Summer) and 8am to 5pm (Winter) – or until nightfall.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my booking?

You are welcome to cancel or change your order up to 2 hours before the start of the booking window. Should you need to change the time of your booking or cancel the booking you may call us on 07508606605

Car location

When the car is located in an underground car park – please check the location allows car washing services to take place.

Do I need to be present?

Upon arrival, the operator would contact the customer. For exterior wash, the operator will not not need access to the interior of the vehicle.

Where does my car have to be?

Anywhere that is publicly accessible. Please note if the car is not accessible by our Operators, they will kindly ask you to relocate the car.

Child seats and other detachable items:

If you require the area under detachable items to be cleaned please remove these items prior to the wash taking place. Please note the operator will not remove or re-attach any of these items.


We have a weekly, monthly, 3 months, 6 months and annual plan.
Ask for more info.   07508606605